A Greek island wedding at Villa Delenia on the island of Evia, Greece. The couple are standing in front of blue sea and sky whilst a bridesmaid prepares to place Stefania, or Greek wedding crowns




I know.

You want your Wedding Ceremony in Greece to feel special and be memorable.

You want to feel comfortable and enjoy it.

You want it to be true to you both, a reflection of your style and personalities.

There are some traditions you want to leave out, but some you definitely want to keep in. There are some special people you want to honour and include in your ceremony.

I’ve got you.

There is no other couple like you, so why would your Wedding Ceremony be like everyone else’s?

Your dream wedding ceremony is not just an exchange of ‘Do you? I do’.

It’s a milestone, a momentous, life-affirming event that you want to really honour and celebrate!

So don’t be ‘just another wedding’.

Let’s create a ceremony that feels special, memorable enjoyable!

(And give your guests something more than just the boring bit to get through before the party!)

How we create your Wedding Ceremony in Greece

We will arrange a meeting or a Skype call first and I will ask you both a few questions to get an idea in my mind for how you want the ceremony to feel.

‘What do you want your ceremony to feel like’ is one of the most important questions I ask you. This is how I will understand what ‘special’ means to you and how to shape the ceremony accordingly.

What if we don’t get along?

Hey, it happens!  It’s very important to have a good ‘fit’ with your Wedding Celebrant. If you (or I) feel after our skype call that we are not quite right for each other then I can recommend you fellow Celebrants, no hard feelings and no questions asked.

We’ve skyped and we all love each other. What’s next?

It’s not just me doing all the work here. This ceremony is all about you two – so I need the lowdown, the good the bad and the ugly, the wondrous moments that have led you to the momentous decision to share the rest of your lives together.

Don’t worry – my carefully honed questionnaires will get all the information I need. All I need from you is a little time investment to fill them out – don’t sweat it, you’ll love them!

Can we see the ceremony script?

Absolutely! You can look over everything from the first draft to the final copy. This way we can all be sure that the ceremony is everything you both imagined it to be – and then some!

Of course you can also put all your trust in me and hear it for the first time on the day, it’s up to you.

What about Wedding Vows?

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE CEREMONY! Sorry for the shouty caps, but there is no ceremony without wedding vows. You exchange them in any way that feels right to you, but you absolutely have to exchange them.

And if you are looking to write your own personal vows (Yay!) You can use my ‘4 Simple Steps to Writing Personal Wedding Vows’ or you can get one on one help from to craft them. Whatever you need.

Traditions, symbolic acts and including others in the ceremony

Let’s keep in the traditions you want (and like) and let’s NOT keep in the ones you don’t. How does that sound?

A wedding ceremony is jam-packed full of symbolism – just think wedding rings for a start. That never-ending, perfect circle placed on the third finger of your left hand where the Romans believed there was a vein connecting all the way to your heart.

When you book your ceremony you will receive my ‘All you need to know’ guide on wedding unity rituals. Explore everything from the Greek wedding crowns to Unity cocktails – find one that speaks to you!

Use my tried and tested ‘4 simple steps to writing awesome personal wedding vows’ to craft the best wedding vows possible. Or get one-on-one help from me to perfect your promises!

Overwhelm-free zone

I know there can be a lot to organise on top of actual, real, everyday life. You will probably also have a plethora of communications as well from your wedding planner or other wedding suppliers. So all our documents (questionnaires, invoices) are kept in your own portal which you can access any time.

All the resources for your ceremony (unity ritual guide, 4 simple steps to writing personal vows, Readings library) are waiting for you in the ‘Couples Lounge’ area on my website, a password-protected area just for my couples.

The legal standing of our ceremony

This is your wedding ceremony and does not include the legal registration of your marriage.  Celebrants in Greece (as in most of Europe) are not able to perform the legalities. Most couples choose to legally register the marriage in their country of residence. It’s also possible to combine the services of a Greek civil service (legal registration) with our wedding ceremony, but this can differ depending on the area. I can advise you on this when you tell me which amazing location you have chosen.

If you believe that your wedding Ceremony should be a fun, uplifting and enlightening celebration of your love, then Welcome!

You are in the right place.


Good communication is key – I am a native English speaker so nothing will get lost in translation and your ceremony will be heard clearly.

I also speak Greek and have lived a Greek life for nearly 30 years, so I get the local customs and traditions and we can easily incorporate them into your ceremony.

There is no cap on our conversations either – we can email, message or skype as much as is needed.

The Big Day (and the day before)

Before you know it, it’s here! And you will both be as cool as cucumbers because we will either have had a physical rehearsal on site the day before or at least a walk through over a call.

(Ok, you won’t be quite that cool because it will be roasting hot and you will be ridiculously excited because it’s going to be such a beautiful day. But you know what I mean)

How much does it cost?

The real answer to this is that it’s priceless.  Included in the price below are the following:

  • A ceremony created and written just for you so that your ceremony is as original and special as your love for each other
  • Me on the day to perform your ceremony! I never book more than one wedding per day so that my focus is 100% on your day
No cap on communication by email, messaging and Skype or ceremony tweaking so that your ceremony is just the way you want it
  • A portal with all your information to hand – invoices, receipt, questionnaires – so that everything to do with your ceremony is kept in one place easy to access, private place
  • The ‘couples lounge’ – a password protected area on the website with a host of resources for you to access at any time: so that you can ponder unity rituals, reading, inspiration and advice at your leisure
  • One-on-one help with writing vows, if you want it
  • a physical rehearsal or a virtual walkthrough before the ceremony, as necessary so we know where we will be on the day
  • I will arrive an hour before the start of the ceremony to make sure everything is in place so you don’t have to worry
I will create a commemorative certificate for you to sign at the end of the ceremony or just to take home as a keepsake
Includes a flat fee for all travel expenses

On Rhodes or in Athens £750

Mainland Greece and Ionian Islands £850

Cyclades, Ithaca and any date in August £1150

What’s the booking process and payment plan?

To book your date and start the ceremony creation process a 50% deposit is needed
. You will get an agreement to digitally sign and when you’ve paid your deposit, we’ll get down to work!

The deposit payment is non-refundable, but I know life sometimes throws us a curveball (or a COVID) and if we need to change your date I will do so without extra cost to you at a new available date

Payment can be made by bank transfer (UK account) or by credit card

The balance is payable 4 weeks before the ceremony

We’re in! What’s next?

Let’s talk. You can either fill in the enquiry form, jump right in and book a skype call or email me directly:

Limited dates for 2022 – contact me today to check and book your date

Book now for 2023 – it’s going to be a busy one!

I’ve been creating and performing wedding ceremonies, elopements and wedding vow renewals in Greece since 2015. I trained with the UK organisation ‘The fellowship of Professional Celebrants’.

I know you want something special and perhaps a little different, but you aren’t sure exactly how to achieve it.

I’m here to guide you through the process, to encourage your ideas and manage your expectations.

Don’t leave this important moment of your day to chance.

Own your ceremony.

Just collecting ideas and not quite at the booking stage yet? Put your details right here to get my free ‘Greek Wedding Planning Checklist’ so that when the time comes you know who you need to book and when! Plus you’ll get a monthly round-up of Greek wedding inspo and sunshine, tips and news.