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Are you looking for a native, English-speaking Celebrant

who’s local to Greece and has lived a Greek life for nearly 30 years?

Someone who can make a ceremony to fit YOU, rather than trying to shoehorn you into a generic and impersonal ceremony?

Well, hello! You are in the right place.

I am Elizabeth Cass-Kanti, of ‘ECK, A Wedding Celebrant in Greece’ and since 2015 I have been helping couples who, like you, are looking for a wedding ceremony in Greece that’s unique and personal and can be performed in the location of your choosing.

No Stress

Contemplating the content of your ceremony from a distance, let alone another country, has the potential to be mind-bendingly stressful. I am here for you on email, messages and video calls so that you have all the reassurance you need.

Your own ideas

Do you already have some idea of what you want your ceremony to look, sound and feel like, but need the guidance of someone with experience to help you realise the end result? Look no further.

Something special

I know you want your ceremony to feel special – tell me what special means to you and I will translate that into ceremony for you.

A lesbian couple exchange a kiss on their wedding day in Greece

The heart of the ceremony is you two

I am a passionate advocate of owning your own ceremony. This means that everything included in your ceremony holds meaning for you. Your wedding ceremony should be within your comfort zone, enjoyable and memorable (for the right reasons!)

Working with me to create your ceremony requires a bit of time investment from both of you – don’t worry, it’s fun! But it’s really important that we get along, as one of my couples puts it:

It’s a chemistry that needs to go both ways. I mean that person who is there at the most intimate moment when you are saying ‘I do’, there’s a third person there with you, you know, you have to welcome that person into your little circle

For this reason, I like to meet you on a video call before we go any further. So we can talk over your plans and ideas (and show each other our dogs).

Why I’m so passionate about creating ceremony

I got married here in Greece too!

A big, fat, Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony, which I didn’t understand a word of and that I had to get baptised for (a story for another time). But back then I had no idea that there was another way to get married, or that I could have a choice in how it was done.

And then I met a Celebrant. And thanks to her, and the subsequent training course from ‘The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants’, I found out just how many ways and how much choice there really is.

I love people and their stories.

I never tire of hearing them, of how two people meet and intertwine their stories into something bigger than themselves. How this desire to build a life together is created, or how life’s highs and lows make us want to renew and refresh our connections and promises.

My favourite part of the job (apart from travelling all over Greece) is taking the things you tell me about yourselves and your relationship and weaving them into your ceremony.

About the travelling…

Bring it on! It’s a part of the job I LOVE. I’m an intrepid, Greek-speaking, travel logistics whizz. And if it needs a donkey, a paddleboard or a helicopter to get there – I’m in.

Of course, I’m not averse to more everyday forms of transport either. Just saying.

I HATE having my photo taken…

…which is one of the reasons I like to stand to the side to deliver your ceremony. That, and because I always seem to look like a choir boy.

Every. Single. Time.

My Story

I came to Greece back in 1990, mainly to immerse myself in the cultural and historical… ok, to have a party in Malia, Crete. The party continued onto Rhodes and here I met my husband, Moscos.

I had my own big, fat Greek wedding which I didn’t understand a word of, but that was ok because I wasn’t required to speak. I loved all the ceremonial aspects though – the wedding crowns, the common cup and taking our first steps as husband and wife in the dance of Isiah, whilst getting pelted by sugared almonds and rice. Oh and that other quaint greek tradition of stamping on your partners foot to assert who will wear the trousers in the marriage. We both ending up kicking each other so I took that as a draw.

My two gorgeous girls were born within the first 3 years of our marriage so I guess the rice throwing worked. I don’t know what ingredient gave me the gift of the wonderful relationship we have, or what made them into the kindest people I know. But I do know that their Dad would have been proud.

We lost Moscos to acute myeloid Leukemia in 2018. If you are a blood donor or on a bone marrow donor register, I love you already.

I love inter-anything weddings, I was in one myself for 20 years so I am sensitive to the complexities and richness that it brings. I especially love the Greek mixes as I can relate.  I have a respectful understanding of the complexities of combining Greekness with anything else-ness.

My home is on the sun-kissed island of Rhodes still, as well as in Pireaus, Athens. I feel at home anywhere in Greece, whether it’s up a mountain or on the sea. The air, the water, the light, the echoes of past lives and loves, I don’t know what it is. But I don’t need to know, the ‘knowing’ is enough.

When I’m not doing Celebranty stuff, you can find me up a mountain, sailing, or chilling with the family (dogs and humans.)

I fully support equality in marriage, be it interfaith, interracial or same-sex (or all three).

Did I mention I speak Greek?

It only took me 20 odd years to learn it, but here I am reading ‘The blessing of the hands’ which I had translated into Greek:

People say the nicest things

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