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A newly married couple after their wedding ceremony at Villa Delenia in Evia, Greece

A heartfelt real wedding ceremony at Villa Delenia in Evia, Greece

Going to Villa Delenia in Evia for a wedding ceremony is always a treat for the nature lover in me. So it naturally follows that I always love the couples who choose it and Ted and Tori were no exception!

Tori (Victoria) contacted me a good 18 months before their wedding and I was excited to see that they were from New York. As it happened, I was going to be visiting New York for a short holiday so I suggested we might be able to meet in person – a rare occurrence for me as a destination wedding Celebrant! I was let down gently by Tori as they were in the state of New York, not actually New York, New York. Hey, what do I know?! I’m living on an island!  Never mind, we met the usual way in the end over a skype call.

The Venue and location

A view of the grounds of Villa Delenia in Evia, Greece. You can see the swimming pool with the sea beyond and there are tables and lights set up on the lawn for the party.
The view from the villa down to the ceremony space, pool, lawn and sea – magical!
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Montage of gay couples for gay weddings in Greece

Gay wedding ceremonies in Greece

Gay wedding ceremonies in Greece are still not legally recognised, but gay wedding ceremonies in Greece are totally possible! We hope that Greece will soon join the other 29 countries in the world where gay couples can legally register there marriage, but in the meantime, you can enjoy your wedding ceremony in Greece and complete the legal registration in your country of residence, which, by the way, is something I encourage all couples to do anyway!

What do I know about gay wedding’s in Greece?

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wedding couple kiss under an arch on a beautiful beach in greece

5 good reasons for an elopement ceremony in Greece

What exactly is an elopement ceremony in Greece and more importantly, is it right for you?

In the old days, eloping meant running away to get married. Not much planning would have gone into it, the deed needed to be done before anyone who might want to stop it taking place caught up with the couple! These days an elopement ceremony in Greece is a bit more of a sophisticated affair. You plan the ceremony in advance, maybe employ the services of a planner and photographer, and then you co-create THE most amazing, super-focused ceremony with your Celebrant. I’m serious. When there is just the two of you to please yourselves, ‘personalised ceremony’ goes to a whole new level!

Let’s create an elopement ceremony in Greece which is super romantic, incredibly intimate and very relaxed. Be free to really wear your heart on your sleeve. All the weight of expectation from family or friends vaporised. There is no comeback from leaving anyone off the guest list as you left them ALL off! And there is no pressure to include wedding traditions, or obligations to please other people. This is REALLY all about you two. No-one else.

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a beautiful wedding ceremony at Philosophia with a wedding celebrant in Greece

Your wedding ceremony at Philosophia

Philosophia is a beachside restaurant in Pefkos on the island of Rhodes. But it’s soooo much more than just a restaurant. For one, it’s an amazing wedding location and I am delighted to be their recommended wedding celebrant. When I get to a wedding ceremony at Philosophia, my heart sings! What do I love about it? Here’s 10 things for starters…

THAT view

The outdoor seating area of Philosophia, Rhodes/ The blue sky and blue sea on the background are bright in the sunlight. This is a popular space for a wedding ceremony in Rhodes, Greece.

If you have imagined a vast expanse of blue sea and sky as a backdrop for your wedding ceremony and dinner in Greece, Philosophia is going to delight you! In ancient Greece, water was an important element when swearing an oath, As with any of the elements, it’s inclusion made the promises more binding. So it’s highly appropriate to be so near to such a massive body of water when making one of the most enduring promises you will ever make, am I wrong?!

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The couples first kiss at the end of their celebrant led wedding ceremony at Villa Delenia in Evia Greece. The couple are wearing Greek wedding crowns.

Why I love Greek Wedding Crowns

When couples ask me ‘what are the Greek wedding crowns’ – in fact when they ask me that question about any unity ritual – I always want to reply; ‘what do you want it to be?’ Because honestly, it can be anything you want it to be!

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A Greek beach wedding ceremony in Halki, Greece. The photo shows the guests seated and the couple in the bckground with the Celebrant and a view of the sea.

Gorgeous Greek beach wedding ceremony on Halki

There is a Greek dance hailing from the island of Kalymnos which depicts a man, crippled with decompression sickness, as many sponge divers were.  The dance starts off slowly with the lead dancer, the crippled sponge diver, barely able to stand even with the use of a stick.  The music starts slowly, but as it builds up so the passion and pride rise.  At this point he flings aside his stick and joyously dances, the music seemingly lifting him out of his crippled posture. What does this have to do with a romantic Greek beach wedding ceremony?

The memory of seeing this dance was stirred when Barry (the groom), just weeks after having surgery on his back, decisively and determinedly threw aside his crutches in order to read his wedding vows to Niesha. It was like the rising passion for this momentous occasion was all it needed to stand unaided and make his promises for a shared life of joy.  Great moment.

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a photo of a young woman with long hair sitting in a doorway with Greek pastel colours. This is Claire from Lefkas weddings, she can design your wedding in Lefkas for you!

Wedding in Lefkas? Meet Lefkas Weddings…

Glamorous, stylish, super creative - what else do you need to…
A setting for a beach wedding in Lefkas with chairs and a wedding arch on the beach with the sea in the background.

5 reasons to get married in Lefkas

This is my first ever guest blog post! I'm delighted to introduce…

A joy-filled wedding ceremony on Rhodes

Jason and Victoria's wedding ceremony at Philosophia on the…
A newly wed couple kiss in front of a Greek chapel. In the background you can see the sea and Mark Usher, Musician and Wedding DJ in Rhodes, Greece playing the guitar.

Mark Usher – Musician & Wedding DJ in Rhodes, Greece

Need Wedding DJ entertainment, a wedding singer or a Master of Ceremonies in Rhodes, Greece? Look no further! Mark Usher - Rhodes-Lindos Wedding Entertainment
Irene Kyranis, a Bridal make up artist in Greece is applying make up to a beautiful bride

Irene Kyranis, Bridal Make-up Artist Greece

Wedding Industry Professional's in Greece i just LOVE to work with!
Dogs at weddings

To the dogs in our lives!

Nearly all my couples are dog owners, dog rescuers or even dog trainers! It’s a popular trend these days for couples to involve their dogs in the ceremony: ring bearers, accompanying the bride down the aisle or just being part of the day. But of course my couples are enjoying a destination wedding and there simply isn’t luggage allowance for beloved furry family members. However, I can promise you that they will most definitely get a mention in the ceremony because if I didn’t, they would know…