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5 good reasons for an elopement ceremony in Greece

What exactly is an elopement ceremony in Greece and more importantly, is it right for you?

In the old days, eloping meant running away to get married. Not much planning would have gone into it, the deed needed to be done before anyone who might want to stop it taking place caught up with the couple! These days an elopement ceremony in Greece is a bit more of a sophisticated affair. You plan the ceremony in advance, maybe employ the services of a planner and photographer, and then you co-create THE most amazing, super-focused ceremony with your Celebrant. I’m serious. When there is just the two of you to please yourselves, ‘personalised ceremony’ goes to a whole new level!

Let’s create an elopement ceremony in Greece which is super romantic, incredibly intimate and very relaxed. Be free to really wear your heart on your sleeve. All the weight of expectation from family or friends vaporised. There is no comeback from leaving anyone off the guest list as you left them ALL off! And there is no pressure to include wedding traditions, or obligations to please other people. This is REALLY all about you two. No-one else.

But is it for you?

I’m going to be honest here, you’re going to have to do some soul searching here. And it’s most definitely something you have to agree on as a couple. But you should both be equally invested in the style of your wedding, no matter what. Some family members may be less than happy about your decision. You need to reconcile that. You may also have friends who included you in their wedding ceremony who expect the honour to be returned. If you are starting to feel a little uncomfortable already having read this far, maybe eloping isn’t for you. But if your interest is piqued (I hope it is) read on for 5 really good reasons to elope!

Any location

As long as you two, me (and your photographer if you have one) can reach it, we are pretty much free to choose our location. We could be on a clifftop, in a ruined castle (or in a non ruined one!) a hidden beach, a tiny islet – anywhere! Let your imagination run wild here. What about in the sea, in an olive grove or up a mountain. I’m getting excited already!

2 girls hug at the end of a small wooden pier after their gay wedding ceremony in Greece

Any time of day

Hey, it’s just the two of you to get ready! No massive bridal party waiting for make up and hair. Maybe you are lovers of brunch and choose that as your wedding feast after an early morning wedding. What about a midnight ceremony under a velvet sky and a glimpse of the milky way? Do you see how all these possibilities just open right up for you?!

I did an 8am ceremony on the waterfront for Mike and Erena and the light was exquisite! This also meant that they could get in a morning photo shoot at the lake nearby and spend the rest of the day with a late lunch and a chilled evening.

Save money to spend elsewhere

The money you saved by not having quests you can splash out on with an amazing videographer and photographer – this is especially great if you are planning on getting everyone together on your return to celebrate and you can all watch it together. I mean, have you seen wedding videos these days? They are like epic feature film productions on location – and you are the stars! Have a look at Dimitri Haidis beautiful creations to get an idea of what I mean.

Be sure to get some of the ceremony wording recorded, especially your wedding vows so you can listen to them over and over again. Besides, at some point in any marriage, it’s good to have a reminder of the promises we made to our partner – well here you have them recorded!

A new normal

Yep, either very small gatherings or elopements are going to be the way forward in the foreseeable future thanks to COVID restrictions on numbers and social distancing. The conditions for an elopement with just you (the couple) your Celebrant and your photographer align perfectly with the new requirements. But don’t think for a minute that the new restrictions will detract from your special day. Have a look at this great behind-the-scenes video from my gorgeous friend and wedding photographer Maxeen Kim Duncan to show how they implemented the new protocols and see for yourself how it can be done. The elopement ceremony was planned by Lefkas Weddings and the couple were able to travel overland from Bulgaria. It’s just gorgeous!

It really is just about you two!

The pair of you with your Celebrant can create some very personalised magic, not to mention no holds barred wedding vows! And hey look, if your family and friends complain, tell them you are doing because you had your hearts set on a destination wedding, but didn’t want to put others at risk with travel!

If it’s the right type of ceremony for you, do it! Consider all the options, but put your needs and desires first. You’re only going to be doing this once, so be true to yourselves and do it just the way you want to!

Do you want to talk about creating your incredible elopement ceremony in Greece? Me too! Choose a convenient day and time for you to jump on a free skype call or fill in the enquiry form:

bride and groom head shoot, bride is looking at the camera and laughing while she tickles the face of the groom who is looking at her.

The featured image at the top of this post is from Maxeen Kim Photography, the planning was Lefkas weddings and the florals by Gourioti flowers, Lefkas.

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