A newly wed couple kiss in front of a Greek chapel. In the background you can see the sea and Mark Usher, Musician and Wedding DJ in Rhodes, Greece playing the guitar.

Mark Usher – Musician & Wedding DJ in Rhodes, Greece

Let’s get this party started! You will be sure to get it started right with Mark as your musician or wedding DJ if you are getting married here in Rhodes, Greece!

I have known Mark for years, I think we’ve both been living here in Rhodes for the same amount of time – nearly 30 years! And I count his wife as one of my best friends. They were both at my own wedding, although sadly not in a professional capacity – in those days it was a good old fashioned bouzouki band! Aside from all the personal attachments, whenever I get to a wedding ceremony in Rhodes and see Mark setting up, I breathe a sigh of relief! I know that I’m going to get a decent microphone, no screechy feedback sounds and that all the music cues will be spot on!

“It’s not just a job, I really care.”

And he really does: “I met a guy a while ago and he has this mindset of exceeding expectations in all the weddings he does. It is something I think about every day and I try and implement it in my work as much as possible.”

You and me both!

See what I mean? Isn’t that just the attitude you want from any wedding vendor you employ?!

But how did it all start? I asked Mark what led him into entertainment for the wedding industry, specifically as a Musician and Wedding DJ here in Rhodes, Greece

I was established here as an musician and entertainer, I got married myself and a good friend of mine came to Rhodes to DJ/Master Of Ceremonies at my wedding. Realizing there was a need and market for wedding entertainment I started honing my services to cover weddings. As a singer and musician I also love being able to use my talents to accompany the bride as she makes her entrance, singing her favourite song with my acoustic guitar.

Imagine walking up the aisle to your favourite song played live!

A consummate professional indeed – but what really drives you and what is it that you love about your work, Mark?

All aspects of my job , being involved with people on their special day , making the girls cry as I serenade them down the aisle shows I am doing a good job. The fun of the party DJing making people dance and their appreciation after. If you do I job you love you never work a day in your life.

The reviews mean the world to me , it is such a pleasure to be involved in making peoples magical memories.

Isn’t it just?

So if you are looking for super, polished, professional entertainment services, or a musician to accompany you down the aisle, or just a great party to follow your amazing wedding ceremony then look Mark up!

Mark Usher, Wedding DJ in Rhodes Greece is talking on the mic as the wedding couple walk by
Mark doing his thing

You can find him here:

www.ushandson.com ushentertainment@gmail.com

Facebook: Rhodes-Lindos Wedding Entertainment

Mark Usher Musician and wedding DJ in Rhodes, Greece is singing and playing the guitar to a bride and groom
Sing it!

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