Irene Kyranis, a Bridal make up artist in Greece is applying make up to a beautiful bride

Irene Kyranis, Bridal Make-up Artist Greece

I have to be honest with you here, I didn’t exactly meet Irene at a wedding. I met her at a conference for wedding professionals here in Greece. But you know when you meet someone and you just KNOW that they are fabulous at their jobs? Apart from being a super cool and lovely person, through our discussions about makeup, past experiences and service ethics, it was blindingly obvious that irene is exceptional at what she does – a bridal makeup artist in Greece. And she definitely falls in the category of ‘wedding people I love’!

Read on for my interview with irene and why she is so fabulous at what she does…

Irene, you are a professional makeup artist and bridal beauty expert here in Greece. What do you think gives you an edge over other MUA’s?

“My super power is an elegant blend of skilled expertise with an unmatched sensitivity to my clients needs. With my innate understanding and exquisite attention to detail, I have created an outstanding customized approach that enhances your unique features, and embraces your own kind of beautiful through the magic of makeup!”

How did you begin doing what you do?

“My love for art lead me to a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History . From a very young age I was drawn to the magic of transformation through makeup. My passion for all things beautiful guided me to find my true calling and so I followed my dreams to the UK where I received my diploma in Makeup & Hair. I started my makeup career working in film and television , this gave me a wonderful opportunity to travel the world. As a result this led me to represent brands such as MAC Cosmetics , Charlotte Tilbury, and CHANEL. I have been creating makeup magic for over 15 years and the wealth of experience I have gained by creating makeup looks for over 500 weddings continues to inspire me to deliver breathtaking fabulous results! “

I agree – just look at some of these gorgeous brides!

It’s easy to tell that you love your work, but tell me in your own words exactly what it is that you love!

“Every moment I share with my brides is a incredible experience. From the moment we meet to the moment she looks in the mirror after the final touches are applied to her makeup, until the moment she is ready to walk down the aisle. I consider it an honour and the most rewarding part of my job as a bridal makeup artist to offer her the trust and confidence she deserves.

It’s about creating beauty that goes beyond a face. It is about emotion and passion, capturing the unique essence of each woman on one of the most important days in her life! Best of all, I get to spread joy and beauty through the art of makeup!”

Irene, I know for sure that I would be happy in your hands, but equally important I know I would also be happy in your company!

As well as being awesome in her work, Irene is also a passionate and proactive human being:

“I am a part of World Vision Canada. This is an advocacy organization that focuses on working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities. The aim is to overcome poverty and injustice through programs for education, food, clean water, healthcare, & child protection. It is important to me to be of service and I wanted to be part of the change in the  lives of children around the world through child sponsorship. I have been sponsoring a little girl from Malawi, since she was 1 years old.”

See? Basically, just a bloody nice person!

Irene is based in Athens, but is happy to travel. Her services are ‘onsite’ so she will come to you for both your trial and the big day.

What are you waiting for – this girl gets booked up fast! Contact her today:

How to find Irene and book her to be your very own Bridal Makeup artist in Greece:

At the ‘Wedding Circle’ left to right – Irene Kyranis, Me, Maxeen Kim (Maxeen Kim Photography), Sanya Styles (Ellwed Magazine)

Come and meet some other wedding folk I love right here.

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