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I’ll be honest here. It doesn’t pique my interest who your wedding dress was designed by or where you got your suit from, how many roses you want in your bouquet or where you got your wedding rings from – unless of course there is a reason why you made that choice or a story behind it. Then I want to know ALL about it! Another confession coming up – I was a bit ignorant about how significant jewellery can be. I got that pieces hold sentimental value if they are passed on from precious loved ones and of course I got the significance of rings exchanged during a wedding or vow renewal ceremonies. But I had never considered that the design and materials used to create something new could hold as much of a story almost as a bespoke ceremony. That was until I met Linda Syrigos. Linda is a jewellery designer and the creative energy behind ‘Ilion Design’. She’s the girl you need to go to when you want engagement rings, wedding bands or just anything really important designed to do with jewellery. And she’s pretty cool too. So I would like to introduce you to the lovely Linda and let her tell you about why she does what she does.

How did you begin doing what you do?

I’ve been drawing and creating since I can remember. I made jewellery for friends and family from a young age and was always interested in taking apart old jewellery and revamping it into something more ‘on trend’. I completed a bachelor of Industrial Design where I took on an elective class involving jewellery production techniques and fell in love working with precious materials and understanding the processes involved with jewellery making. After a move to Melbourne, and many years working in fine Jewellery houses, it was only natural to start my own business venture in jewellery.

What do you love about your job

I love bespoke work! Sitting down with clients over a cuppa and discussing their story. Whether it be a love story, special birthday 
or anniversary, the beautiful part of bespoke work is that you are working together with the client, encompassing their vision and story and creating a piece that will be worn and celebrated for many years.

(See what I mean? How lovely is that?!))

Tell me about one or two of the best moments to date in your work, something REALLY special:

I recently designed a pendant for a client whose mother had passed away. She had a stone that mum held on to in her jewellery box for many years and even though it wasn’t a precious stone it held so much sentimental value to her. We created a pendant design that could be worn in different ways so she can change up the piece depending on the day and carry a piece of her mum with her.

(Now that’s what I’m talking about.)

I’m just releasing my website and a new collection called Amalia, which is such a special moment in my work. Seeing the designs come to life and being involved with every part of the process was both challenging and rewarding. The new collection is about embracing each moment, living present and getting into touch with nature where we can.

What do you believe is your unique selling point?

Producing bespoke celebration jewellery pieces combining rare ‘one of a kind’ gemstones with exquisite diamonds.

Tell me something about yourself that other people may not know 

I use to be a Dj and still collect vinyl even though I don’t play anymore.

(I told you she was cool!)

Where can people find you or get in touch with you? and Instagram @ilionjewellery 

What are you waiting for? Go get your stories turned into tangible, beautiful pieces of bespoke jewellery!

Do you have any pieces of jewellery with a story behind them?


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