A couple stand in front of Aghia Sofia Chapel in Rhodes for their wedding ceremony in Greece. ECK - A wedding celebrant in Greece is conducting the ceremony as the son looks on.

40 years on – the bits I loved from 2017 continued

What an inspiration! A vow renewal on the day of their 40th wedding anniversary, arranged by their children.  it’s quite a milestone isn’t it?  40 years, that’s 4 decades, 14600 days!  Vow renewals come about for a variety of reasons, some after disruptions in the flow of married life or after overcoming adversity or illness, but whatever the reason the intention is always the same – to reiterate promises of love and commitment and sometimes add in some new ones too.  This couple simply decided to have the wedding ceremony they never had the first time around – as they said themselves, they would have changed everything about their wedding day, except the outcome 40 years on! So here they were, in a sun-drenched, mountaintop churchyard in Greece, surrounded by friends and family renewing their wedding vows and including new declarations of love and intent.

Whilst I love the vibrant, shiny energy at wedding ceremonies I also love the quiet, deep-rooted and beautifully grounded love that is felt at a vow renewal.  In a time of consumerism and instant everything, it restores my belief in enduring and true love.

Aghia Sophia, Faliraki (Rhodes) Photo: my own


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