Our feet in the water – the bits i loved from 2017 continued

Our feet in the water – The bits i loved from 2017 ceremonies continued

These were the words continuously in my head when writing a ceremony for a relaxed, intimate beach wedding on a tiny Greek island called Tilos.  ‘We want to get married with our feet in the water’.  It was one of the first things the couple told me in our initial skype call.  And who am I to disappoint?  So they did.  They stood at the edge of the sea, feet in the water, as their friends and family wriggled their toes in the sand.  At the close of the ceremony, the groom scooped up his bride and carried her into the water for their ‘first swim’. Bridesmaids slipped off their dresses to reveal bikinis and with them, their guests followed them onto the watery dancefloor a few minutes later to join them.  It was the perfect way to begin their married life as the sea had played such a significant role in the relationship.

But my absolute favourite bit was Fergie, the flower girl-dog.  Pets play such a huge role in our lives and for those of us that have them, they are family members.  For many of my couples, as their wedding is a destination wedding they don’t get to have their pets there with them, although I always give them a mention in the ceremony.  Fergie was the grooms mums dog who lives on the island so she was honoured with this starring role.  And boy, did she rock it!

Fergie, the flower girl dog. Such poise.

Another couple to bring the ceremony location into the ceremony itself were Anna and Eva.  It is said that promises sworn next water and over a stone are more binding than any other so we went ahead with both!  Our ceremony location was a tiny part of the beach with a sand and stone mix, so the day before we went together and collected small stones for the guests to make wishes on before casting them to the waves.  I had already collected a larger stone to give to my super talented friend Jill from ‘Dragonfly Dots’ to work her magic on. We used this stone for the wedding vows and of course as a keepsake.  It was a really special moment as the guests came to the water’s edge to cast their stones, a permanent presence to remain in an ever-changing sea.

Photo: Dimitris Bilias

Tilos Beach wedding was meticulously planned and designed by the amazing 3 red bags team, Maria and Daffy and you can see more of these gorgeous photos over on the gallery here. and the photos are by Rolf Magne Meland.  Eva and Anna’s wedding was planned by the one and only Justine king from ‘Unforgettable Rhodes Weddings’, photos as credited or by me.

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