5 Things which never fail to surprise me at Wedding Ceremonies

Life is full of surprises and none more so than at a Wedding!  Here a few things which never fail to surprise me at a Wedding ceremony.

It’s always the person you don’t expect to cry who does

Invariably, one of the couple will tell me that they are sure they will be a blubbering mess on the day, but more often than not it’s the other person that gets overwhelmed! But don’t be afraid to show your emotions, your partner and your guests will love you all the more for it.

How romantic men can be

Yes, really. I will never forget the husband who planned a vow renewal with me for his wife, managing to keep the whole thing a secret from her – right up to the point where they got out of the car at the ceremony location!

How insensitive guests can be towards the official photographer

You hired them for a reason, right? So politely remind your guests to stay out of the photographers way and just enjoy the ceremony, to be in the moment, not living it from behind their iphones. That’s the photographers job, trust in them to get on with it and capture those unique moments – without a smart phone in the frame.

Why people don’t write their own Wedding Vows

We are all different and so are our relationships. Different people expect different things from a marriage or partnership, and hopefully you’ve got this straightened out before the big day. So why wouldn’t you want to record those promises to deliver on what you each expect from the other? Your wedding vows can be said in a zillion different ways, even privately if you don’t want to say them aloud. But it’s a big part of what a wedding ceremony is about so let your Celebrant help you write them if you need assistance and find a way to include them which suits you both.

Why people use a celebrant

Couples spend time and money on the tiny details – flowers, matching colour scheme, chair bows, wedding favours, the list is endless. Don’t get me wrong, I love an aesthetically pleasing wedding, but who remembers if there were chair bows with matching napkins? But I can guarantee you that you, the couple, and your guests will remember a unique ceremony, full of meaning and relevance to your lives, especially if they are involved in the ceremony too with readings or music. A civil ceremony in Greece is very perfunctory and over in the blink of an eye. Let a Celebrant make it memorable and full of meaning


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