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Are you looking for a wedding ceremony in Greece?

that’s all about you, that reflects your style, your personalities and tells your story in a way that you choose it to be told?

This is precisely what I can do for you as a Wedding Celebrant in Greece!

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If you are curious, but still not sure what it’s all about,

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What does a Wedding Celebrant do?

Together, we (that’s me and you two), create a unique, personal and meaningful wedding ceremony or wedding vow renewal ceremony.

You tell me how you want it to feel and who and what you want it to include so that your ceremony really feels that it’s about the two of you, and not just some generic, one-size-fits-all script

Apart from the important solemn part, your wedding ceremony will be entertaining, engaging and just plain amazing!

When you choose me as your Wedding Celebrant you are completely free to choose the style, format and content. This means that you get the ceremony you want, not one that has been prescribed or dictated to you.

What kind of couples do you write and perform ceremonies for?

Couples of any religion, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation – everyone basically!

But it’s especially for people who want their ceremony to be as significant and memorable a part of the day as the party after, and not just the ‘boring bit’ to get through before the party!

So if you are a couple who want to celebrate the most significant part of the day in an engaging way that will have your guests laughing and crying in equal measures – ‘come to Mama!’

You are steps away from your perfect ceremony

How do I know if a Wedding Celebrant led ceremony is right for me?

Don’t choose me

  • if you want a ‘fake’ wedding
  • if you want a religious ceremony
  • If you are not interested in the content of your ceremony and care more about the photographs and the party after (hey, no judgement here!)
  • If you can’t see the value of having something amazing written for one of the most important moments of your life, that genuinely reflects you both as a couple and your intentions for your marriage.

Choose me

  • to have a ceremony that suits your personalities and tells your story
  • to include and combine elements, wording or traditions from different backgrounds and cultures
  • to include others within the ceremony – your parents, your children, all your guests!
  • for the freedom to hold your wedding or vow renewal ceremony pretty much anywhere, any place and any time of day (or night)

“We wanted to have our feet in the water during our wedding ceremony and a first swim rather than a first dance. And we did!”

Oliver & Ash

Keeping it together

All your documents in one place – you will have your own portal with all our documents to hand at any time. Our booking agreement, invoices and receipts and your questionnaires. You can go in and view them at any time.

All your ceremony resources in one place – the password-protected ‘couples lounge’ area on the website is just for you. In here you will find the timeline for your creation, guides to writing wedding vows and wedding unity rituals and a whole library of readings and poems.

I live both on Rhodes and in Athens and I travel all over Greece.

(Sometimes I can be persuaded to go further afield too – ask me!)

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